What to Look for in a Natural Horse Supplement

What to Look for in a Natural Horse Supplement

24th Feb 2020

If you have one or more horses, the chances are that you go out of your way to look for herbal horse supplements that can naturally improve their health. Unlike other domesticated animals and pets, horses are extremely complex — both emotionally and physically — making natural horse supplements that truly work a scarcity. Until now, that is.

At Equilite Herbals, we have multiple herbal supplements specially formulated for horses that naturally balance mood and improve physical processes. For over 20 years, we have been manufacturing 100% all-natural herbal horse supplements so that horse owners everywhere can care for their horses in the best way possible. No fillers, additives, dyes, or flavorings are added in Equilite Herbals natural horse supplements — because we wouldn’t feed our horses anything that we wouldn’t feed ourselves.

That said, as a horse owner, what should you be looking for in a natural horse supplement?

What to Look for in a Natural Horse Supplement

When most horse owners think of nutritional supplements for their horses, they tend to think that a well-balanced diet negates the need for alternative support. While it’s true that a well-balanced diet is extremely important when it comes to maintaining the health and mood of your horse, it is not always enough.

According to Carey Williams, Ph.D., an animal nutritionist from Rutgers University, a horse with a balanced diet — quality roughage, grains, and adequate amounts of water — can still benefit from supplementation within their diet.

Rather than only thinking about the quality of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in a horse’s diet, it is important for horse owners to also consider the natural processes within a horse’s body and what natural horse supplements can optimize the processes — in turn reducing the chance of infections and diseases developing while improving overall health.

When shopping for natural horse supplements, it is important to consider the following:

Sustained Energy Levels

If your horse seems to be suffering from low stamina or fatigue, it is a telltale sign that there is some sort of nutritional deficit in their diet. By including natural horse supplements like our Garli+C Blend, you might be able to address low stamina and fatigue by aiding the respiratory system and immune system of your horse — two systems that can improve overall health and stamina when operating efficiently. Additionally, if your horse appears to have low stamina as a result of stiffness and discomfort, herbal horse supplements like our Anti-Motion Blend can help by acting as a natural anti-inflammatory.

Healthy Immune System

Horses, like humans, benefit greatly from having a healthy immune system. Horses can become incredibly stressed in situations like severe weather, show season, allergy season, and more. When your horse is stressed, it’s immune system is impacted. By including natural horse supplements like our Eqinacea Blend and Garli+C Blend, you can give your horse’s immune system the natural boost it needs to stay active during high-stress situations.

Healthy Digestive System

While a healthy diet is usually enough to regulate a healthy digestive system, herbal horse supplements are a great way to fortify your horse’s digestive health. Natural horse supplements like our PrePro Blend are specially designed to complete a well-balanced diet that utilizes prebiotics, probiotics, and other natural digestive enzymes that help regulate and maintain normal and critical bacteria populations in the stomach and hindgut. By simply adding PrePro Blend your horse’s normal diet, you can provide your horse with a microbial count of 10 billion CFU with every 10-gram serving.

Healthy Muscle & Joints

When adjusting your horse’s diet to include healthy herbal horse supplements, it is important to include supplements that will protect healthy muscle growth and protect joints. Herbal horse supplements like our Citrus C/Q Blend and our Anti-Motion Blend are specially formulated to reduce general inflammation and promote cell regeneration while protecting muscles and joints — significantly reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injury.

Healthy Mood

Last, but certainly not least, it is important to consider your horse’s mood when shopping for natural horse supplements. Is your horse easily spooked? Is your horse restless, nervous, or uptight? If so, there are natural horse supplements that can help. At Equilite Herbals, we have developed our RelaxHer Blend for mares, our Relax Blend, and our Valerian-Free Relax Blend to help horses relax and control mood swings caused by injury, unpredictableness, high-stress situations, and more.

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While a well-rounded, natural diet is a great way to ensure that your horse stays healthy and strong, it is not always enough. All-natural roughage, grains, and water simply don’t have everything that your horse needs to bolster a healthy immune system, digestive system, respiratory system, and more.

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