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At Equilite Herbals, we’ve been keeping horse health real for over 20 years. What does that mean? That means we’ve been creating products that are made from real, 100% all-natural ingredients longer than you’ve been trying to get your horse to stop spooking at the corner of the arena he’s been past 10,000 times.

We’re not into fake. Our proprietary blends of freshly ground herbs never contain anything we wouldn’t feed ourselves... no fillers, no additives, no dyes, no flavoring. And we’re made right here, in the USA.

Only the highest grade, freshest cut herbs make it into our formulas. Hand-selected at the peak of ripeness and carefully processed to ensure a smooth and palatable blend, our natural horse products will have your horse gallivanting through the pasture like a two-month-old colt.

We didn’t just decide one day to make herbal supplements for horses either. Our Equilite Herbal blends have been carefully crafted by some of the top herbalists in the industry. These experts have created what we consider some of the best formulations to ensure that your horse reaches their maximum health and overall happiness.

Your horse deserves Real Horse Health... because if there’s any group of people that know how to keep it real, it’s equestrians.

The Origin Sory of Equilite Herbals

Over 25 years ago, Equilite Herbals was developed by Stacey Small, an avid horsewoman and a firm believer in natural health. Stacey had a dream to provide high-quality health care to horses, naturally. Stacey began seeking the help of the top herbalists across the country, in a quest to develop herbal-based equine supplements that were not only carefully and properly formulated, but that were effective. 


Stacey was a pioneer for her time and eventually became known as one of the leading equine herbal experts in the country. But beyond her wide knowledge of natural health care for animals, was her deep caring and compassion. Stacey was truly one of the most caring people you could meet, and that came through in all of her formulas, all of her work with people and their animals, and in every conversation you had with her. Stacey cared. 

Our goal at Equilite Herbals is to carry on Stacey’s legacy through these products. We hope that you’ll see in every bucket of Equilite Herbals the same care, quality, and love that Stacey put into developing them. While we sadly no longer have Stacey to guide us, we know that, if we continue to provide your horse with the highest quality and meticulously formulated products possible, Stacey would approve. 

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Our natural horse products are made to enrich the life and health of your horse. Whether your horse is a hard worker that needs the extra edge for recovery, suffering from respiratory issues, or simply won’t settle down, there is an Equilite Herbals product to help. 

For high-quality natural horse supplements made by people who truly care for horses, we urge you to check out our online store. Additionally, if you have any questions about our equine supplements, please don’t hesitate to contact us to speak with a member of our team.